Septic services of Iowa was started up in 2008 and provides a full service for your septic system, and sewer needs. The business is owned and operated by Corey Kadlec.  I promise that you will be provided a top notch professional service on time, every time.

Certified Installer Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems


Septic systems in Iowa need to be inspected by a state certified time of transfer septic inspector when a house is being sold. The time of transfer inspections allow us to make sure that the septic system is working properly and is getting rid of the waste in an environmentally friendly way. The inspections have prevented many of Iowa’s waterways from being further contaminated by obsolete septic systems, which could have drained directly into a stream or waterway. This allows us to be more responsible about our water quality and sustainability for future generations. What to expect when having a Time of Transfer Inspeciton… Expect for us to have access to the septic tank for visual inspection, many times if there is a lid at the ground level, it is sufficient for an inspection. However in some cases it is necessary to dig down to the septic tank lid to get a good visual inspection for the tank. Also the distribution box, if there is one, will need to be inspected. Expect for a small hole, usually hand dug to gain access for a visual inspection of the distribution box. The inside plumbing will be inspected to ensure that only house waste is plumbed into the septic system, making sure that a sump pump is not plumbed into the system. If there is a sandfilter system and it has an open discharge pipe, a water sample will need to be taken so ensure water quality after the filter. Septic services also does excavation work including, septic system installation, sewer line installation and replacement, water line installation, and drainage tile. We are a full service that would love to serve you.

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